Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Note

I've completed 7 books thus far this year but have no reviews to show for it. This is my fault; I let school get in the way of this project. And I fear now that I've let too much time pass to give good reviews to the books I've read. I have a couple handwritten that I will type up soon. The others will remain review-less.

I'm going to get on the ball with this, though, and make sure I at least write a review out by hand the day of completion. I finished a novel this morning. I plan on working on the review after I knock out an hour or two of homework.
I think I'm just nervous for I've never written a book review before. And when I'm nervous or uncertain about something -- especially a new adventure, like this -- I tend to let other things take its place of importance. I won't be doing that anymore, though.

By Saturday, I will have reviews posted. Or this blog (and therefore goal) is just pointless.

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