Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick Life Update

I set up a weekly schedule in regards to updating this blog, hoping to get in some form of a habit. I had planned on starting it this week but I have a little distraction....

Meet Bill Murray, though we just call him Murray. He's a purebred pug that we were able to get for free! He's nine weeks and two days old, so he's demanding a lot of my time currently. We're busy house training, crate training and leash/collar training. He's taking his 50th nap for the day, so I'm hoping I'll be able to start my new schedule either today or tomorrow, though I may just wait until next week. Depends on how things go tomorrow. Today wasn't so bad, though Murray is not a fan of all of the rain we're currently receiving.  


  1. He's so lovely! I haven't been able to get much reading completed this week (or knitting, which I really need to catch up on) but I think he's a wonderfully perfect excuse to get behind on a couple of things =]=]

    I'll be posting more pictures of him, I'm sure =]

  2. Hi, visiting via the Hop. What a cute photo!!

    Enjoy your weekend!